Answered below are some of the most frequently asked questions of Associated Lien Services and the services they offer in Medical Billing, Worker’s Comp and Collections.

General Question

Does Associated Lien Services have experience with my specialty?
YES! With over 25 years in the field, Associated Lien Services has the experience to understand the nuances of your specialty. Our satisfied client base includes providers in Orthopedics; Surgery; Chiropractic; Pharmacy; Neurology; Psychology; General Practice; Cardiology; OB/GYN; Geriatrics; Anesthesiology; Dermatology; Radiology and others. We have collected over $22 Million for our clients in the last 2 years alone.

Questions About Billing

How does Associated Lien Services insure that we are paid for our services?
Associated Lien Services sends accurate billing along with supporting documentation to the carriers. After the allotted time frame, Associated Lien Services staff individuals will follow-up on pending billings. This is included in the billing fee for the initial term of the billing contract.

How will we providers know we are billing for the correct services?
Associated Lien Services provides a preliminary consultation, where we show you how to maximize your revenue by optimizing the services billed, the correct codes and/or modifiers. This may uncover additional revenue sources that had not been previously considered. We also monitor the billing to ensure compliance.

What can Associated Lien Services provide that will help speed up the billing process?
Associated Lien Services will develop a precise SUPERBILL designed just for you which will allow your staff the time necessary to maximize patient flow. Associated Lien Services has transcription services available and can set up courier services to pick up or drop off of the billing in your office.

How will providers know where they stand on their billing?
Associated Lien Services will provide detailed reports on a weekly or monthly basis, according to your preference. These reports itemize what has been billed, what has been paid and what is stilled owed.

Questions About Collections

What are the advantages of using a collection agency for a provider’s receivables?
The primary advantage is financial. Simply put Associated Lien Services operates on a contingency basis, therefore if there is no revenue generated then the provider has no expense. Within house employee collectors, there is expense regardless of performance. Additionally, there is no payroll taxes, insurance, and other overhead.

How does Associated Lien Services handle collections?
Associated Lien Services employs a staff of bill collectors and maintains a network of fully experienced Hearing Representatives for all Workers Compensation Appeal Boards. We handle all aspects of collections from the telephonic communications, lien conferences, declarations of readiness, petitions for reconsideration as well as lien trials.

What are the parameters for settlement for the bill collectors?
Each case is different with its own set of facts. The parameters relative to provider’s settlements will be determined by that provider. The case facts however will typically determine the recovery relative to any lien.

How does all this work?
Associated Lien Services will provide detailed reports on a monthly basis. At that time, monies collected are sent to the provider and then the provider is invoiced for the work we’ve done. It’s as simple as that.