About Associated Lien Services

Professionalism Matters.

About Associated Lien Services

Associated Lien Services has over 25 years of experience, collecting millions for our clients. Our company’s philosophy is to treat your business as if it were our own. Associated Lien Services has always had an established office staffed with full time, seasoned professionals. This is just a simple indication of our dedication to our clients. We provide full-service billing and collections. From customizing your SUPER BILL to filing GREEN LIENS or DORs to representing you at hearings and trials, WE GET THE JOB DONE!

Why Should You Use Associated Lien Services?

Contingency Invoicing
We only get paid when we collect for you. No performance – No payment!

Stay on Top of Your Account
Associated Lien Services provides monthly status reports for all your receivables. We are also available to discuss any and all your concerns at any time.

Reduce Overhead
Since Associated Lien Services fees are contingent based, you only pay when you recover lost revenue. In house employees get paid whether they recover revenue or not.

Better Allocation of Staff
Use your staff for your original purpose… assisting you PRACTICE MEDICINE. Let Associated Lien Services handle the paperwork for you.

Contac us at (818) 461-0790 or info@associatedlien.com.